JD.com, TMall, VIP.com, WeChat, these are all websites that you may not be that familiar with, but if you want to sell to China, then these are the Chinese e-commerce giants that you want to be on, but which e-commerce channel is right for you can vary.

JD.com, TMall, VIP.com, WeChat Store

A simple starting solution for most of our SME clients and even some larger clients is a WeChat store, this is easy to set up and can integrate into your existing e-commerce platform such as Magento.

Depending on who your target audience is and what your products are, we will recommend the right platform for you. We can help discuss your Chinese e-commerce options, and discuss which Chinese cross-border e-commerce solution is right for you.

Platform strategy
E-commerce set-upents
Marketing strategy

In addition to helping you get set up on these channels, we can recommend some excellent logistics firms to make your Chinese e-commerce ambitions a reality.