WeChat store

WeChat users spend over 40 minutes daily on their WeChat account.

This makes it a fantastic place to reach your target audience on the platform that they spend most of their time on.

WeChat is now much more than just a message app, WeChat is the go-to app for mobile users who want to order a cab, book a restaurant or pay for a coffee.

A WeChat store allows for a seamless customer experience, they can receive articles from you through your WeChat account to keep up to date with the latest offers and news from you, and then within the WeChat app, they can access your WeChat store and then pay using WeChat Pay.

WeChat shop

Setup of a store on WeChat

WeChat payments

WeChat payments, they pay in RMB you receive in RMB, USD, GBP, EUR

Coupons / offers

Incentivise sales with promotions

Group buying

offer discounts to friends who buy together

We can help you setup and manage your WeChat store. We have a few different WeChat store options available, from a stand-alone store in WeChat, to WeChat mini-app creation and API integration with your existing website.