Social media ads

Weibo ads and WeChat ads are some of the more effective way to reach your desired target audience.


Weibo instream ads
Weibo banner ads
Weibo hashtag ads
Weibo opening page ads
WeChat moments ads
WeChat banner ads

These work in a similar way as Facebook or Twitter ads. You can use the above ads to grow your Chinese social media fan base, drive traffic to a website or e-commerce store, offer discounts and coupons or capture users data.

In addition to Weibo and WeChat we can also help to purchase ad space on a variety of different social media platforms in China, including Chinese video platforms such as Miaopai and Douyin or more niche social media channels

Our teams have run 100’s of successful social media ad campaigns for our clients, and we are very experience in strategising and managing your Weibo ads and WeChat ads.

Whatever your Chinese digital marketing needs are we are able to help