Brand Strategy

A good agency is a strategic partner, and a strategic partner should be able to understand who your target audience is by listening to the marketplace and then developing with you a dialogue that will engage your Chinese consumers in conversation.

When it comes to China we take this even further by also applying our cultural expertise, local market knowledge and also a deep understanding of your brand and how your brand is represented in markets outside of China.

Chinese consumer research
Tone of voice
Branding adaptation
Market entry strategy

You don’t want someone who will take your brand, run with it and try to sell no matter the cost. A short term and short sighted approach like this can have huge ramifications on your brand, and the longevity of your brand in China.

We proactively work together, hand in hand with our clients to develop a strategy that works for you, and what your goals are. Whether that be quick market entry and ROI or a more long term brand building exercise.