Chinese KOL’s are a fantastic way to add credibility to your brand, products and services. Firstly what is a KOL? KOL stands for Key Opinion Leader and is a term commonly used to refer to Chinese bloggers, vloggers and Chinese influencers.

Influencer marketing is nothing new to most marketiers in the West, but with Chinese KOL’s being notorious for fake data, such as fake engagement or views it’s very important to select the right Chinese KOL.

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Chinese influencer marketing is very popular with brands, and we have all seen the stories of Chinese influencer Becky Li selling 100 Mini’s in 5 minutes, and brands can often make the assumption that all Chinese KOL’s will achieve the same results, but this isn’t the case.

PingPong Digital doesn’t use brand advocacy platforms due to their notoriety with fake data and kickbacks, instead we strategise and select the best Chinese KOL’s for your brand and your budget. We strive to only use KOL’s that have real data and have a proven track record.

We have handpicked Chinese influencers for multiple clients who have achieved great results from our campaigns.

As with everything we do, your success is our success.