WeChat Verification

We are an official partner of WeChat, this means we are able to process WeChat verifications for Western brands using your non-Chinese business license.


A verified WeChat account is your way of setting up a WeChat Official Account, similar to a Facebook brand page. It lets users know that you are the official outlet for your brand.
You can then use this to:

Secure your brand nameand identity
Gain followers and build your online community
Send them push notifications through WeChat articles
Redirect them to a website or your e-commerce channel

Your verified account will be a “service” account (for non-Chinese companies), or a “service” or “subscription” account for Chinese registered companies.

These accounts will appear in the chat section of a users WeChat account, which is similar to when a user opens WhatsApp or iMessage and see’s all their friends accounts. Whenever you send a new message, you will appear towards the top of their message window making it easy for your users to see your account.

Once you have a verified WeChat account, you can also open the ad function to run social media ad campaigns through WeChat. Please note that there are restrictions regarding industry and content for ad campaigns on WeChat.

WeChat verification can take 2 to 3 months, so we recommend startingthis process sooner rather than later.