Weibo Verification

So you have a brand, and you want to start using Weibo as part of your digital marketing strategy, but have you verified your Weibo account? Weibo verification is the process of obtaining an official account status, such as Twitter’s “Verified” status for businesses and celebrities, Weibo offers similar functionality.


fake accounts

By obtaining verified status on Weibo, you’re providing users with the trust they need to know that your account is official and dependable. As with many of China’s social networks, Weibo is host to numerous fake accounts and these imitators and imposters have the ability to a tarnish brands’ reputation and cause confusion amongst consumers on who to trust.

Finally, being verified provides your brand with the credibility it needs to get 20% of the world’s consumers listening, as not being on Weibo is social media suicide for your brand in China.

Now that you know why you should obtain Weibo verification, maybe you’re thinking “how do I verify my Weibo account?” well the answer to that is simple, with PingPong Digital. PingPong Digital is Weibo’s official EU verification partner and provides EU based businesses with official Weibo account verification by working closely with Weibo and its partners. By obtaining official Weibo account verification, users are comforted that the accounts they are following are legitimate, and all Weibo advertising and marketing campaigns are more likely to be engaged with.

Weibo verification takes 2 to 4 weeks and once verified you’re able to run Weibo ad campaigns.