WeChat is one of the top social media platforms in China, and one of the main communication channels used by Chinese to chat with their friends and keep up to date with their favourite brands.

WeChat currently has over 1 Billion active users, making it one of the most popular social network channels in the world.

Due to the recent popularity of WeChat, WeChat has become an essential marketing strategy tool, with many brands now running WeChat marketing campaigns,and has become an important method to advertise new products and services to Chinese consumers.

WeChat marketing campaigns and Wechat marketing strategy however is very different to the way in which one would market to western consumers, as the style of writing, the various unique WeChat features and tools offer much more in terms of advertising capabilities and functionality to brands.


WeChat Verification

We are an official partner of WeChat, this means we are able to process WeChat verifications for Western brands using your non-Chinese business license.

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