Weibo (pronounced “way-bore”) is one of the top social media networks in China. It’s essentially a Twitter and Instagram combined.Weibo is an open social media channel that is mainly used for passive media consumption; it’s the place Chinese netizens go to get the latest celebrity gossip, follow trends and hear about current topics.

Weibo is also a large platform with hundreds of millions of active users and the largest open social network in China.

Weibo advertising is much easier than other social channels, and can also be very targeted, even offering the ability to ring-fence specific geographic locations and have Weibo ads show up. Weibo verification is also simple and easy to set up, more information on Weibo verification can be found here.


Weibo Verification

So you have a brand, and you want to start using Weibo as part of your digital marketing strategy, but have you verified your Weibo account?

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