Introducing UniSocialScore

Feb 1, 2023

Say hello to PingPong Digital's revolutionary new university social media ranking

For the past five years, we have released an annual report on how universities perform on Chinese social media. Now, we’re taking our education insights to the next level.

Say hello to UniSocialScore.

UniSocialScore is our revolutionary new university social media ranking. Using a proprietary data analysis tool two years in the making, UniSocialScore offers universities in the UK and US a fair, balanced assessment of where their Chinese social media presence ranks compared to their peers and competitors. 

Our goal is to showcase the importance of an active Chinese social media presence and give universities the tools they need to stay ahead of the curve.

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The UniSocialScore homepage showing a ranking of UK universities

How it works

First, we collect key data from Weibo and WeChat accounts, including publicly available metrics like followers, likes, comments, and reposts, as well as more holistic measures such as the presentation and creativity of the content. 

Then we apply our unique data analysis process, using a combination of big data, machine learning, AI and expert insights to assess and rank universities’ Chinese social media performance. 

Anyone with a .edu or email address (or other home country education domain email address) can access the full ranking by signing up via the website. 

Want to go deeper into the ranking and what it means for your university or get insights into your competitors? Our paid insights service, UniSocialReport, explores the who, where, what, and why of your place in the ranking and shows you how you shape up against your competitors; contact us now to find out more. 

A sneak peek at how your UniSocialReport could look

The future of Chinese social media analysis

UniSocialScore will be updated regularly with new data and will evolve with new offerings and features in the future. In the coming weeks, we’re excited to be partnering with key industry organisations to showcase the ranking and how it can benefit universities.

UniSocialScore is the first project from our new education-focused brand, Beyond Edu. Beyond Edu will expand on the services we already offer, opening up new and exciting ways for us to work with universities in 2023. We’ll be building on our existing expertise to offer services in new areas such as course design, digital product development, online and offline student community management, events, and much more.

Look out for more information about Beyond Edu in the coming weeks.

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