Meet Zhihu.

Oct 22, 2020

China’s largest Q&A platform that has evolved into a “knowledge-sharing platform for experts”

Have you ever had a burning question you wanted to know the answer to immediately? And wanted to discuss the answers with people who ALSO have the same question? 

You would go to Quora right?

Not if you’re in China. 

Meet Zhihu. 

Zhihu (知乎), which translates literally to “Do you know?” is China’s largest Q&A platform and has continuously evolved into a “knowledge-sharing platform for experts” with the addition of new features.

Users on the platform are searching for useful, practical, reliable information. They can ask and answer questions, like, save, share, report, comment on answers, or invite specific users to answer the questions.

Who are the users? 

  • Zhihu users share three significant characteristics: they’re better educated, have higher incomes, and have more substantial purchasing power

  • Authenticity, professionalism and trust are their core values as users have high expectations for content quality and accuracy. 

  • Zhihu also has a relatively old population for a social App: 78.2% of its users are 25 years old or older. And around 48% of its users are from first-tier cities.

Zhihu’s growth has been exponential. As the platform currently has 220 million active users.

Why is it essential for brands to know about Zhihu?

Zhihu is getting more and more attention from brands pursuing new and innovative digital marketing techniques. The platform includes brands of all sizes, from large high-end brands like BMW and Audi to smaller less-known brands conducting brand education targeting more users. 

There are multiple advantages that Zhihu brings: 

  1. Engage with your community. Providing users with really constructive, relevant knowledge and facilitating communication with them is part of the process.

  1. Build trust. Consumers want to hear your in-depth expertise on subjects related to your brand. This can be effectively done through KOLs, for example, senior partners and founders, or other trusted personalities attached to the brand. 

  1. Brand Image. Due to Zhihu’s strict profile verification and insight culture, having an official brand personality comes across as professional and reliable. 

Our Zhihu Ad-offerings:

There are three main ad-types 

  • Regular Ads of multiple prevalent subtypes 

  • Zhihu + Ads capitalise on high-quality content and promote your content at the most prominent place.

  • Search Ad is an excellent choice due to Zhihu’s in-platform search engine ad-option that’s similar to SEM; the system will match the keywords with advertisers’ bidding words and display matching ads on the result page.

Our Ad-Types