The Premier Strategy for Generating Leads in Higher Education

Sep 4, 2023

Learn how Douyin's targeted advertising tools can significantly enhance your university's visibility among Chinese students looking to study abroad.

In the fast-paced digital age, higher education institutions have adopted a dynamic approach to attract prospective students – with many turning to TikTok for its massive, engaged youth audience. Yet, as we set our sights globally, particularly on the influx of Chinese students seeking education abroad, a strategic pivot is required.

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The powerhouse for reaching Chinese students in 2023 isn't TikTok, but its progenitor – Douyin. Born from an educational ethos, Douyin offers an arsenal of features tailored for academic promotion, enabling precise targeting and rich analytics on Chinese student behavior. Notably, "study abroad" searches on Douyin skyrocketed 22-fold in the last year.

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Douyin's advertising strength lies in its ability to merge organic and paid content harmoniously, creating a user experience that feels authentic, not advertorial. This integration drives organic reach, elevating lead quality and boosting return on investment.

data and graphics provided by Douyin

As a Bytedance-certified agency with a track record of serving over 100 universities, our expertise in Douyin native ads is unrivalled. We’re dedicated to empowering educational institutions to harness Douyin’s capabilities, ensuring high-calibre lead generation in this vibrant market.

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