Wechat can talk

Oct 14, 2015


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Wechat recently introduced a new feature that enables people to insert audio messages into their Wechat articles. Some bloggers have already begun utilising this new feature to add a more personal touch to their posts. Now you may have assumed that this new audio feature would mean music will now accompany every Wechat posts, but this hasn’t been the case. Wechat bloggers are actually talking to their fans. Netizens have become accustomed to interpreting a blogger as someone who communicates with text and images, but now they are able to hear them. That special thing called the human voice is helping bloggers communicate with fans in a more personal and emotional way, making their fans more engaged than ever. What about companies and institutions though, do they need audio messages? The answer is a resounding YES. I have picked up three reasons why audio messages are necessary to your business no matter who you are and what products or services you are promoting. Firstly, audio messages demonstrate your passion and help build that personal connection with your fans. It’s a way to remove the barrier of brand and fan, and have that person to person connection with your fans. Secondly, do things differently. Our research and observations of Wechat have shown that only a few individual bloggers utilise this new audio feature. In fact, this drops even more when it comes to companies who have a presence on Wechat, they are sticking to the traditional text and image as the way to communicate. So how can you distinguish yourself from your competitors? I think you know the answer, use that voice! Lastly, establish that emotional connection between your brand and your online audience. Nobody wants to buy products or services from a robot. Therefore, businesses and institutions have to seize every opportunity to show off their personality. Establishing that emotional connection is extremely vital, especially for Chinese consumers who can get lost in the cult of the personality of the brand, think Apple. Now that you’ve decided to record a voice message, you have to decide on the type of audio message you want to publish. You don’t want your message to sound like a customer service helpline or have an unstructured audio message with ambient noise in the background. Nobody likes a cold robot voice or bad quality audio clips, and it can take time a practice to get this right. Luckily our talented social media team, who not only create awesome and engaging content for our clients but are also well equipped and experienced and recording and broadcasting audio messages. Recently, one of our social media managers did a couple of voice messages for one of our clients and the response from the fans has been phenomenal (please click this link to review the post. People absolutely love it. It is the first time any university has actually talked to them via social media. The tone of voice and language used is appropriate for the client and the audience and the audio message was fresh, fun and engaging. Our team is always coming up with new innovative ways to represent our clients, and our creativity shines through and allows our clients to stand out amongst the competition. 




We have the best in-house Chinese social media team, who manage the accounts of our clients in the US, Europe and China. Our creative, experienced and well-trained social media managers are not only content creators and graphic designers but also broadcasters. Our social media managers always try to find a better way to express our clients’ messages. More significantly, our well established social media management philosophy will contribute massively towards your existing business goals.  If you want to take your Chinese social media to the next level contact us today info@pingpongdigital.com by Aoze Zhang