Wechat does Video

Sep 30, 2014

Wechat v6.0 has been released, and with it has come the ability to record video and share it inside of Wechat


With the explosion of applications such as Vine and added ability in apps such as Instagram to now take video, it is no wonder that the world of Chinese social media has now caught up.

Just a short while ago we saw that Weibo added simple video functionality to its app, allowing users to share more than just pictures. It seemed Wechat wouldn’t let this stand for long, and today it launched “Sight”, its new in app video recorder. Sight allows users to take short video clips of about 6-7 seconds.

Wechat Video

There has been a recent explosion in these types of applications and added functionality in China, but only time will tell if this will become a mainstream way for Chinese to share their delicious dinners, or group video selfies.

So far it seems to have generated a lot of interest, with my own personal Wechat account being inundated with various videos this morning, but is it all just a fad or is this a new way for people to share their experiences using a rich new media that offers more than the average picture could.

Wechat moments video

We can already see the potential for this to catch on, and can see a real opportunity for companies to use this kind of media to promote their brands, products and services.

Article: Jimmy Robinson

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