Wechat is no wild west

Feb 12, 2015




Chinainternetwatch posted a very interesting article about how Wechat is now trying to cut down on plagiarism.

Plagiarism in China is very common place (I’m looking at you Xiaomi), even we have been victim to this with third party websites copying articles we’ve done for our clients or even original content we’ve created on our website being redistributed under a different author, but Wechat has decided enough is enough.

When official accounts, that is a Wechat account that has been verified, has posted an article, Wechat will scan through the contents to check it’s originality, should they discover that this content actually belongs to someone else and you have failed to recognise the original author, then Wechat will send you a warning, continue to plagiarise up to 5 times and Wechat will delete your account.

This is definitely good news for Wechat users, who can now expect an ever growing quality of content…or just more sophisticated ways to copy ;)

Article by: Jimmy Robinson

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