Chinese mobile users

Nov 6, 2014



China now has over 1.26 billion mobile phone users, with almost half a billion of these having access to 3G and now 40 million users have signed up to 4G according to China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), which is pretty good considering 4G was launched in China in December 2013. This increased access to data speeds has also seem consumers using more data as well, with a 50% increase in data usage per person compared to this time last year. This news comes as Baidu (the Google of China, and the countries largest search engine) also announced that more traffic now comes from mobile that desktops, showing the huge upsurge in mobile usage, and Baidu also saw their mobile revenue increase to over 35% as well. Mobile is now one of the most important devices for companies to utilise in creating brand awareness and communicating with their consumers. With ever faster cellular speeds and greater access to smarter devices, consumers are centring their everything around these devices, as they now have the speed and connective power to replace “traditional” digital communication portals such as desktop computers. Article: Jimmy Robinson

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