Control your hotel mood lighting in Wechat

Jan 13, 2015



Wechat and Caesars hotel group has teamed to make controlling your hotel suite as easy as loading up Wechat and...well...pushing a button. It is no secret that hotels are keen to attract visiting Chinese, and Caesars hotel in Las Vegas The LINQ have taken this to the next level making in room lighting, curtains and even the TV all controllable by a Wechat in-app app.


Las Vegas has seen a huge increase in visitors from Mainland China and Hong Kong over the past few years, which has doubled in the last two years. Caesars has been one of the few foreign (non-China) early adopters to take the 450 million user base of Wechat seriously, and has seen the potential this can offer. This is all part of the growing popularity of Wechat, and demonstrates the power of this application in reaching out and connecting with consumers, a trend that will gain a huge amount of momentum in 2015. What will you do in 2015? Article by: Jimmy Robinson  

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