Mar 4, 2015


Duang is a new word that has taken Chinese social media by storm. I first started noticing my Wechat friends and Weibo fans using this word a couple of days ago, however only the pinyin (romanisation) was being used, which seemed a little odd. It turns out that the character is so new that it doesn’t exist on most phones or computers, but this hasn’t stopped it becoming the hottest word on social media.

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Apparently the word originated from an old shampoo ad done by Jackie Chan where he used the word/sound duang to describe his hair after using this shampoo.

I have seen it used a couple of different ways so far, but generally it’s being used to describe a situation that causes your head to move (and in doing so, flicks your hair around).

We’ve been duaning ourselves silly in the PingPong Digital office for the past few days, and by utilising this popular new phrase properly have ensured that all our clients’ campaigns are very much on trend!

Let’s see how this word evolves over the next few weeks, and if Apple and Android will support it.

Now enjoy a video of Jackie Chan daunting away below.

Go forth and duang!

Jimmy Robinson

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