Wechat Update 2015 (October)

Nov 3, 2015



Wechat recently published it’s very first report about Wechat users. The figures that were published are both surprising and predictable. We have summarised and translated some of the key highlights from the report.    

  1. 60% of Wechat users are younger generations aged between 15-29 (Are they your target?)
  2. The average Wechat user has 128 friends. People who are working have 20% more friends on Wechat. 
  3. Shopping peeks at 10 am and 10pm (Shopping…Don’t tell me you didn’t realise people can make purchases through Wechat)
  4. 570 million daily users as of September 2015 (Twitter has 10.5 million daily active users worldwide, you see the difference?)
  5. User penetration rate is extremely high in the first-tier cities about 93%, respectively 69% in the second-tier cities and 50% in the third-tier cities
  6. Peak user time is 10pm (Now you know when to post your articles)
  7. Audio message amount to 280,000,000 minutes a day. That is about 540 years. (Wow!! *open mouth emoji*)
  8. Lucky money (hong bao or red packet) is more active during the Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese Valentine’s Day 
  9. Younger generations who were born after 1990 consume celebrity and fashion news. People who were born after 1980 pay more attention to political and economic issues. Older generations love motivational and heathy related articles on Wechat. 
  10. Wechat key words: sport, leisure, craft, shopping and gaming.
  11. Xihu is the most checked in location within mainland China. Hong Kong is the most checked in  place outside of mainland China. 

Honestly, some of these figures did not come as a surprise to us at PingPong Digital, because this is something that we live and breathe on a daily basis, however the exchange of Red Packets (money giving) is usually done at Chinese New Year so it was a little surprising to see that the peak money giving season is Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese Valentines. The most important thing is how you use this data to create your own Wechat strategy in order to engage with your target audience.  If you would like to know more about how Wechat can impact and improve your communication with Chinese consumers then don’t hesitate to contact us.


Aoze ZhangZian Deng

Jimmy Robinson

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